5 habits of highly productive people


There are those people in the office who are always productive, always on time and always have smiles on their faces. These people make you wonder how they do it and what it is that’s different about them that you lack.

Well you are no different from them, you just need to channel your mindset, follow these guidelines and soon someone else will also wonder how you do it:

Limit social media

We never realise how much time we lose making status updates and checking friends’ posts on social media, until its home time with little or nothing achieved on the day. To avoid wasting your valuable time, do what productive people do, limit your social media checks to limit your distractions.

Be eager to learn

No one becomes successful without learning. It’s not always about academic learning but also about improving skills and personal growth. Productive and successful people know how to push themselves to reach milestones in their lives. It’s a step by step journey and you too can work on improving yourself. These people don’t wait to be pushed but they push themselves.

Learn from your mistakes

Productive people learn from their mistakes. These people love to challenge themselves, take risks, and make mistakes they learn from. They take responsibility for their actions, make commitments to be successful and work towards that success. They know that with learning, there’s a great possibility of making mistakes. They don’t call mistakes failure but life lessons.

Work extra hard

If you want to be a successful person and productivity is your key to that success then you need to work harder. Productive people always work harder than everyone else. Without hard work, you have limited chances of success. Highly productive people know that a person’s output is determined by his/her input.

Value time

Productive people live by this old adage, “time waits for no man” acknowledging that time is the most valuable commodity of them all. They know that we can never get it back, they respect it and use it wisely. This elite group of people live in the present moment, give their all in what they do and avoid procrastination. If you want to join this group of people start using your time wisely.

After applying these guidelines in your life, you’ll become that person you’ve always admired, and there’ll be those who want you to share the secret to success. Don’t be selfish, share this article that made a difference in you.

Paballo Seipei

Paballo Seipei

Paballo Seipei is a social media enthusiast and writer who studied journalism. She works at eKayaMedia as a Social Media Coordinator.Her role includes, managing BOSASA’s social media sites, writing blog articles, searching for news/articles and videos to post as well as engaging in dialogue and monitoring customer issues. Creating images for her posts through Photoshop led to her love for graphic design which she wishes to pursue soon. She shares the same sentiments as Thomas Jefferson when he said, “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”
Paballo Seipei

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