5 Ways to Motivate Employees Beginning of the Year

Starting the year on the right foot may be beneficial for the rest of the year. The one thing that should be on an employer’s new year’s resolution list is motivating their employees to start the year off positively.

Business owners should wipe the slate clean for the new year and make a commitment to motivating employees to enjoy themselves and achieve at work.  It’s important to understand that happy workers are productive workers, this is the only way to encourage your employees to help grow your business.
The following tips will help motivate your employees in the beginning of the year to do their best moving forward.

  • Share ownership of decisions

Hold meetings regularly where you share your ideas and involve your employees for their opinions.  Allowing employees to participate in important decisions will motivate them and give them a sense of purpose.

  • Communicate better

The importance of employee communication is often overlooked; frequent communication with employees is important because your staff needs to know that they are valued and appreciated.

  • Hold motivational meetings

Quick end of the week meetings shows your employees that you are interested and involved.  it will give them a chance to share their successes and challenges, and that creates a supportive vibe.

  • Celebrate often, provide incentives

Incentives are always motivation boosters; they don’t really have to be expensive or monetary.  Thinking of ways to have fun at work also keeps things interesting, make an effort to celebrate birthdays as well.

  • Empower the team

Allow your employees to have more say in how they do their jobs, ask for their input and get suggestions on how they can improve their performance.  Employees are motivated when they know they are working towards something, offer opportunities for advancement.

Employees that feel recognised and rewarded for all their hard work are encouraged to be more productive, loyal and motivated.  Highlighting employee achievements and contributions through concrete examples will make them feel special.  Be both teacher and student and inspire your staff, transfer knowledge and consume what your employees share.



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