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BOSASA Bringing you Good NewsI rolled out of bed this morning, and all I heard was bad news on the radio. This triggered a thought of an early 1980s song by Anne Murry, called “A little Good News” with these words “We sure could use a little good news today”.

Yes we could all do with a little good news today. That’s when it dawned on me while driving in to work, I too can contribute to BOSASA’s staff blogs and I could write on Good News stories that are all around us here in beautiful South Africa. BOSASA Operations has an awesome website called the Transforming Lives on which Gavin Watson, the CEO of BOSASA Group quotes “A life transformed for the Better, is a life enriched for the future” but I want to compliment the Transforming Lives initiative by writing on other South African Good News.

We sure could use a little good news today.

One of my biggest bug bears now comparing to the days of yester-year is the lack of apprenticeship artisans. Take carpentry for example, someone worked under a master carpenter as his apprentice. During the years working as an apprentice, he would make his own tool box which would stay with him all of his working life. You could safely say that you could judge a worker by the way he keeps his tools. Once he learns all he can from the master, he leaves and becomes a fully-fledged carpenter.


Now comes my Good News, Trade-Mark has launched on the interwebs a mission to enable skilled, reliable tradesmen from the low income communities to become successful entrepreneurs. Thereby taking the step to become Master Tradesmen and Tradeswomen. Although only in Cape Town for now, there are many skilled tradespeople living in townships throughout South Africa, hopefully this initiative can spread.



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