Five ways to brighten your day

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Winning the morning is probably the most difficult thing to do especially if you had a hectic night before. Procrastination becomes the order of the day when your morning starts off on a low note, but there are specific things you can do to make your day less stressful and full of productivity.

Here are five ways to brighten your day:

Prepare the night before

You’ve heard this tip a couple of times and when you try it, you know it works. You don’t stick to it because you haven’t made it your routine yet. Turn it into a routine and you’ll have a better day than the one you are having right now. You’ll have a relaxed morning when you prepare your lunch box, clothes, and work schedule the night before. Try it but this time, make it a routine.

Go to bed early

If you go to bed early, you will be able to rise with the morning sun in a good mood. It helps you feel fresh, focused and productive. It is recommended that you should at least have seven hours of sleep, turn it into a routine and it will soon become a habit.

Prepare yourself mentally

Instead of rushing out of bed realising how late you are, why not set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to give yourself time to reflect on the day ahead?  Begin your morning by lying in bed and planning. It is important to give yourself a little meditation time. These few minutes in bed will definitely brighten your day.

Wake up to a cup of tea/coffee

Take some time to have your favourite hot beverage in peace and quiet. While you sit down to enjoy your beverage you can relax and reflect on how great your day will be. You’ll also get an energy boost from the sugar or caffeine in that cup of tea/coffee.

Kiss your loved ones

There’s nothing more soothing than that deep connection between you and your loved ones. This act of affection will provide you with positive vibes to brighten your day. Don’t just kiss, but also tell them how much you love them and mean it!

Now that you know what to do to win the morning and brighten your day, try to apply and stick to these practices. Your life will be a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Paballo Seipei

Paballo Seipei

Paballo Seipei is a social media enthusiast and writer who studied journalism. She works at eKayaMedia as a Social Media Coordinator.Her role includes, managing BOSASA’s social media sites, writing blog articles, searching for news/articles and videos to post as well as engaging in dialogue and monitoring customer issues. Creating images for her posts through Photoshop led to her love for graphic design which she wishes to pursue soon. She shares the same sentiments as Thomas Jefferson when he said, “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”
Paballo Seipei

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