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BOSASA Youth Development Centres team workIn BOSASA we have a slogan; “Teams @Work”! The foundation of our organisation is built upon the principle of working in teams. Our CEO Gavin Watson will always remind you: “Never go alone into a meeting, always take someone with you!”

The team is more important than its individual members and together we are always able to generate better solutions. In BOSASA Youth Development Centres team work is vital to ensure that the “Best Interest of the Child” is continuously maintained. Our developmental approach and strength-based perspective allows the multi-disciplinary team to input meaningfully in the lives of children and youth.

Each team member must understand their role and responsibility and how it contributes to the vision of the organisation. All teams need to have:

  • A common purpose and clear goals
  • The necessary skills and resources
  • A common approach to work
  • The willingness to share information
  • Trust and support in each other
  • The ability to work through conflict
  • The willingness to take responsibility for team actions.

If these elements are present, the team will continue to perform and ensure that they remain ahead of the pack.

In any organisation you find three types of employees:

  1. Those who get things done
  2. Those who watch things get done
  3. Those who wonder how so much got done.

In building teams we need to recognise our strengths and developmental areas and realise our responsibility to other team members. It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit as the team knows they did it together.

In building exceptional teams it is important to:

  • Recruit the right people from the start
  • Clearly define the goals and objectives
  • Have open and frequent communication
  • Create a culture where people feel appreciated

At Bosasa Team Work is VitalIf these are in place other people will always want to find out what differentiates you from the rest. They will immediately realise that you are a team that works!

People come from different backgrounds and this can present challenges and opportunities. We have to recognise and understand our own uniqueness and that of others. In this way we will respect the diversity of the team. The values of BOSASA respect diversity and it is visible as a diverse group of people are able to function together to achieve a common goal.

All members of a team are different and inevitably clashes or conflicts may arise. The conflict must be resolved and people should use an effective, consistent approach to resolve it. Ideas may differ but consensus can be reached on which path to follow.

There is a lovely quotation adapted from Henry Ford that really pinpoints teamwork:

  • Coming together is a beginning
  • Working together is progress
  • Achieving together is success.
Jackie Leyds

Jackie Leyds

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