The Difference Between Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are often confused to be the same thing; this could not be any further from the truth.


The main difference between a leader and a manager is the way they motivate the people who work for and follow them.  Leaders are goal setters, they set direction and challenge the norm by seeking new ways of working towards goals.  Whereas managers will maintain the status quo by organising, directing and controlling to achieve goals.

Businesses’ need to have a good balance of leaders and managers in order for the goals and objectives of the business to be reached and achieved; leadership and management must work hand in hand.  Managers are employed by companies to carry out important functions for the company whereas leaders motivate and provide guidance. A leader doesn’t necessarily hold a position like a manager; a leader can be a regular employee in the company that holds no authority.

The key differences between a leader and a manager are:

Leader Manager
Leaders innovate Managers administer
Leaders develop Managers maintain
Leaders have followers Managers have subordinates
Leaders inspire trust Managers rely on control
Leaders empower Managers organise
Leaders set and lead direction Managers plan details around constraints
Leaders are proactive and have a personal charm. Managers are reactive and have a formal influence
Leaders take responsibility Managers delegate tasks
Leaders create teams Managers manage groups

Managers in the workplace

Traditionally management is a position that puts an individual in charge and responsible for a team of people for the success of tasks assigned.  Leadership goes deeper than that,
because leaders are also concerned about how teammates are coping, their personal development and the overall energy of the team.

In a business environment is it important to recognise that it is no longer just about giving out instructions and tasks, but getting your team to believe in you and the vision of the business through mutual respect.



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