Why a mobile-friendly website is a must

Mobile Friendly website - BOSASA BlogSmartphones are set to become South Africans’ first choice for accessing the internet. Many are skipping the desktop stage of computer usage and jumping straight to mobile devices.

According to Huawei, mobile phone penetration in South Africa is 31% and mobile broadband 18,4%.

Statistica reports that in 2008, worldwide fixed broadband penetration was 27%, while mobile internet penetration was only 7%. For 2017 the global figures are estimated at 51% fixed broadband and 54% mobile.

comScore says that mobile internet usage has already surpassed fixed broadband in the United States. Since late 2014, mobile has constituted over half of digital media consumption. Since March this year more adults in the US use only mobile devices to access the internet than only desktops.

Most users access sites on various devices, but they are only loyal to sites that perform perfectly on every device.

Mobile friendly how?

Your people – employees, peers, clients, associates – access the internet on the go. Users want speed, simplicity and ease. If you want to be part of their experience, your website must be mobile friendly. This implies much more than that your site can be viewed on mobile devices.

Mobile-friendliness means:

  • The viewing area (or viewport) adjusts to the device’s screen size.
  • Users don’t have to scroll horizontally or pinch the screen to see the entire page.
  • Text is easily legible without zooming.
  • Links are spaced far enough apart that they are easy to tap.
  • Software is customised for mobile devices.

Mobile website for your business - BOSASA Blog

Advantages for your business

Launching a mobile-friendly website will benefit your business in several ways, for example:

  • You demonstrate that you are a leader and innovator, because most business websites are not mobile-friendly yet.
  • You attract younger users. According to Statistica, the level of mobile internet penetration among Millennials (16-30 years) worldwide was 74% in 2014, while it was only 39% among Baby Boomers (51-64 years).
  • By attracting users with your mobile website, you ensure they will use your other platforms too.
  • Your mobile website enhances your entire content marketing strategy. It improves your SEO rankings and allows traffic from and to your social media platforms.
  • With GPS, potential clients can discover that you have offices near them.


The real question is therefore: How soon will you launch a slick and smart mobile site to showcase your business and delight your users?







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Marina Pearson

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