Working together to protect children

BOSASA YDC Social Worker, Boitumelo Monale, Speaks about the importance of Child Protection Week 2015.

BOSASA celebrate Child Protection WeekA child, according to the Children’s Act 38 of 2005, means a person under the age of 18 years.

Child protection week is about highlighting the need to protect children against any form of abuse, child labour, child and drug trafficking, maltreatment, neglect, degradation and anything that is harmful to their growth.

The Act stipulates that the best interest of children is of paramount importance in every matter as they are our leaders of tomorrow; they need to be treated with care and love.

At the BOSASA Youth Centres it is our responsibility to ensure that the children are assessed holistically so that we do not miss any developmental needs presented whilst in our care.

It is crucial that these children feel safe and secure whilst under our wings as we help empower them with education and skills. Then once they have completed the time the court sent them to do, we know they will be able to fly alone.

This week reminds me of my childhood when I was 10 years old. My uncle used to visit my aunt every month end but due to our small home, a shack that we were sharing, you could make sense of their adult engagements and activities happening at night. Exposure to such really affects children directly and indirectly. Remember, when a children are raised in functional families they respond positively to life, therefore I urge all parents to respect our children by not exposing them to sexual activities of any form as they can sense, hear and make decisions based on that.

It is also important not to consume alcohol in front of children because as the saying goes ‘Monkey See, Monkey do’.

Children always reminds us to play and have fun, so please join the team on Friday whilst we play, interact and have fun this week.


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